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Amusing side characters like Han Ji Soo’s temperamental brother or Gu Dong Baek’s highly dramatic sister add to the fun. Two bonus points: one for the OST’s Korean version of Hirahara Ayaka’s beautiful ballad and the other one for the ending – simply perfect, especially considering how rom-com K-dramas sometimes undermine the whole story by having the most abstruse endings imaginable. As girlfriday from Dramabeans writes: “I never knew I wanted to be a cross-dressing girl/boy in an idol band…until this drama.” Tip: Watch for the fireworks scene. And Go Ara as the teenage daughter is simply stunning.So we have a great cast, an inventive premise and quite a few funny scenes.His debilitating case of OCD (he can’t step on cracks in the sidewalk, brings his own silverware to a restaurant, etc.) suggests that his constant and outrageous rudeness might even be part of his mental illness.Jo Jae Hee, on the other hand, is portrayed as an outsider mainly because he likes to be by himself outside of work: He avoids spending time with other people, even with his family, and much prefers to stay home by himself, eat a good meal and listen to classical music. That Fool / The Accidental Marriage A drama with a very different kind of hero.This is a drama that is clearly targeted to teenage girls. If you think you can handle her, definitely give it a shot. Both are supposed to be social outcasts but because of their particular cultural contexts, they are quite different.Hugely popular in Korea and, with 28 episodes, extraordinarily long. Nicholson plays a character that is drawn in a much harsher light to make him stand out in the highly individualistic American culture.

The ballads are hits from the soundtracks of K-dramas; for the upbeat songs I’ve tried to uncover some gems from You Tube.A feisty girl from the lower classes enters the fray.Add an evil manipulative mother and the drama is complete. Brilliant Legacy This very popular drama features Lee Seung Gi’s breakout performance, playing an arrogant heir whose inheritance is suddenly at risk.Before diving into the reviews, you might want to take a look at the FAQ page – especially if you are new to K-drama.That’s where I talk about some practical issues (from streaming sites to the danger of Wikipedia reviews) and also delve into some general topics, for example what makes Korean dramas so different from American shows. Instead of detailed ratings, I labeled the dramas simply as either “good” or “excellent.” Once in a while I also mention a good drama from another genre if it includes at least a little romance.

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