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When you're a celebrity, apparently no party is too informal for sequins, fur, and a full airbrushed...Her love don't cost a thing — but that didn't stop Alex Rodriguez from splurging on Jennifer Lopez's engagement ring.Jennifer already has a place in No Mad, but Alex is currently based in Miami and doesn't have an apartment in the city." Earlier this month the deal seemed all but sealed when J.Lo put her No Mad home on the market for million, seemingly to clear some space on her real estate roster for a joint family home.

Rumors began swirling last month that the couple were planning to go full "Jennifer and Alex are looking at apartments together that would be large enough for the both of them and their children.

For months, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have been flaunting their seemingly picture-perfect relationship. The photogenic couple is on the cover of Vanity Fair and they confess that while their... Jennifer Lopez has been at the forefront of celebrities who have been donating and helping to raise awareness for the Hurricane Maria disaster relief in Puerto Rico — but she...

President Donald Trump, 71, has been super fixated on the NFL lately, and that's infuriating Marc Anthony, 49.

One source close to Lopez told the magazine that the pair are "looking for an apartment together for the whole family." The insider added, "They will invest together in a new home when they find the perfect one.

They are starting to make more financial decisions together.

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In fact, celebs were undoubtedly the worst fashion victims of...

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