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When kanji and even macrons appear as graphics rather than as text, one wonders whether to blame publishers for ignorance or laziness in not taking the same care with ebooks as they do with print.Yet these are essentially aesthetic flaws which may affect the pleasure of reading, but do not detract from the many other benefits of the format.No other car came close to being as great as this S15 for No One Better.Why We Love It: The Mugen GT-4 CR-X is pure history here.Turns out they brought this rather unique Civic Type R to the game.With a chopped roof, slick graphics and having a real CTR, nobody was sure what to make of this JDM dragster.

Why We Love It: Street drifter defined: Fumiaki Komatsu, dubbed Drifter X was Signal Auto’s first US driver to show us a thing or two about getting a car sideways.

What JDM issue would be complete without giving props to the cars that have given our and consequently, your - eyes a proverbial boner over the years?

Think of these cars as the greatest our scene has ever seen, and we just happened to be lucky enough to be there to capture the moment.

Mods: 2.2L 3S-GE, HKS GT3037S ball-bearing turbo, racing wastegate, intercooler, camshafts, forged pistons/counterweighted crankshaft, titanium coated piston rings, F-CON VPro, EVC Pro boost controller and tons of top secret HKS Mods they wouldn’t even tell us; XTrac six-speed sequential transmission, 18x11" ADVAN TCII Pro Centerlock wheels, Alcon brakes, custom carbon body panels and flares; Bride seats Why We Love It: Back when Super Lap Battle/time attack was strictly a Japanese thing to do, HKS decided it was time (in 2001) to build a car called Track Attack, a Toyota Altezza (that’s IS300) designed to, at the cost of only 0,000 USD, break the lap record at Tsukuba Circuit and broke it, no, make that destroyed, at 55.85 seconds.

One lap, one record, the HKS Track Attack Altezza never went on the track again due to chassis restrictions.

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