Link to linked spreadsheet not updating

The office 365 support could be implemented using the jupyter kernel protocols rather than transpiling to javascript.

Each cell returns a Python object that can be accessed from other cells.

VBA is OK but NO search across modules makes it such a pain just to find your code, I wish VBA had better support for UDFs so that they can appear the same to users, as built in functions with tooltips.

MS have done a really bad job of incorporating Power Pivot, it’s confusing and doesn’t feel like a natural part of Excel.

See this detailed write-up by Charles Williams:

Someone posted a link to a really nice 3rd part addin on the reddit thread, on mobile so can't find the link unfortunately but was very well done.

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Jupyter notebooks being one which allow reading and writing to Excel files. My personal hope is that they'll offer as a base:* Python 3* Numpy, Sci Py, Pandas, Matplotlib, Altair, ...* Pythonic bindings for Excel APIs (sheets, etc etc)* VSCode's Python Editor Debugger built in* Some sort of conda based env/pkg mgmt* Right-click, "Open in Jupyter" (data/code)* Transparent access to Excel tables as Pandas Dataframes would be so, so very awesome.

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