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The technique presented herein could easily be extended to fit more sophisticated requirements, such as binding to more than two tables.

However, the pain began as the development progressed and changes in requirements started pouring in. But on any successive postback where the postback is caused by anything other than a Tree Node click, the Selected Node property is NULL. But till Microsoft does not provide better solutions or I migrate to some other wiser control that works properly, these are some work arounds that we are sticking to.🙂 The basic gist of the solution is to bind the top level of Tree View Items against the master Data Table, and then bind against Data Relations for any descendants of the root nodes.You need to use a Hierarchical Data Template for every non-leaf level of nodes, in other words, only the very lowest Data Table in the hierarchy is displayed with a non-hierarchical Data Template. Here is a method in a class called Data Set Creator which creates a Data Set with two related Data Tables: The resultant Data Set has two Data Tables (‘Master’ and ‘Detail’) and one Data Relation (‘Master2Detail’).When you run the demo application and expand the root nodes, the Tree View looks like this: Click here to download the demo project.Be sure to change the file extension from DOC to ZIP and then unzip it.

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