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Panferova is married to architect Oleg Vasiliev, four years her junior.

Kathrine, keeping tabs on the posts on Meta Filter, became intrigued.

Manhattan resident Kathrine Gutierrez Hinds did the opposite—the unthinkable, really—and injected herself right into the lives of two young Russian women in serious danger, simply because she read about them online.

Late on a windy May night in Manhattan, Kathrine Gutierrez Hinds, a 24-year-old psychology student, rambled around her apartment, unable to sleep.

Daniel was talking to the women by phone—but he couldn’t help in person. There’s a formula to ensnaring young foreign women: A woman is offered a regular-sounding job, which falls through, leaving her in a vulnerable situation.

She gets sent to a new “job,” where her passport is taken and she’s told she has to “earn” it back, usually through sex work. The idea that women are being imported into this country to work as sex slaves may sound far-fetched, but human trafficking is a billion global business, according to the State Department. They arrive not only from Russia, but from Mexico, Haiti, and India, among other countries. He had just left graduate school in North Dakota for a job as a camera-and-lens researcher at an arm of Walt Disney. But he was adamant that the women not go to the club.

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