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And as a sort of “review of the literature,” the “data” below do contain some lessons and insights. First, that when viewed from a certain perspective, pop-culture conspiracy theory is the phenomenon in its purest form — paranoia without ideology, or anyway without partisanship.And what you get when you peel back the partisanship, it turns out, are pure theories of power.Later, we’d “learn” that Britney Spears was a tool of the Bush administration, Katy Perry was really grown-up Jon Benét Ramsey, and J. Rowling was just an actress impersonating an author. And then there is perhaps the most interesting new-model conspiracy — most interesting because the category often includes the most plausible claims.

It is also when the theory arose that gangster rap was concocted by the private prison industry.

For decades, the conspiracy theorist shouted his suspicions on the fringes of society, never ascending to a position of such prominence as, say, the presidential nominee of a major American political party.

Now that’s changed, and conspiracy theories are having a yuge moment in the mainstream.

In the late 1960s, that is, which just so happen to be the years when the country radically polarized along the political lines we now know so oppressively well.

The assassination wasn’t just a chaotic, spectacular, improbable event that Americans desperately wanted explained, even if the explanations were terrifying (conspiracy-theory culture being essentially willed into being by those for whom nothing was more terrifying than randomness and meaninglessness).

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