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The opposite idea—that there was no historical Jesus at all and that "Jesus Christ" developed out of some purely mythic ideas about a non-historical, non-existent figure—has had a checkered history over the last 200 years, but has usually been a marginal idea at best.

And the same can be said for most of the other writers on Remsberg's list.He repeats that he had a "human nature" and that he was a human descendant of King David (Romans 1:3). 2:8) and that he died and was buried (1 Cor 15:3-4).He refers to teachings Jesus made during his earthly ministry on divorce (1 Cor. And he says he had an earthly, physical brother called James who Paul himself had met (Galatians ).If Philo had mentioned Anthronges and Theudas, or Hillel and Honi or John the Baptist, but didn't mention Jesus, then a solid argument from silence could be made.But given that Philo seems to have had no interest at all in any of the various people Jesus, the fact that he doesn't mention Jesus either carries little or no weight.

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In 1909 the American "freethinker" John Remsberg came up with a list of 42 ancient writers that he claimed "should" have mentioned Jesus and concluded their silence showed that Jesus ever existed.

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