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I can open a bag of popcorn in the grocery store and walk around with it, and no one will accuse me of trying to steal it.

I don’t have to educate my kids to be aware of racism for their own physical protection.

"The second moment was after he got out of prison, and he wound up getting a job from a Jewish man.

And he had been told his whole life that this guy was gonna ’Jew you down.’ This man pulled him aside and says, ’You’ve done such an extraordinary job I actually want to pay you double what I contracted you.’ Again, Frankie was completely thrown for a loop.

the best-selling author explores racial prejudice through three perspectives: Ruth, a black nurse charged with the murder of a white supremacist’s baby; Turk, the white supremacist; and Kennedy, Ruth’s white public defender who, while well-intentioned, harbors racial biases of her own.

Before writing the novel, "I thought very hard about including a voice of color, I did as much homework as I could, I had sensitivity readers correct my voice to make sure Ruth sounds authentic and is authentic," Picoult says.

He was part of a very violent white supremacist crew in California, and he beat up a gay man. [After leaving the movement,] he gave speeches about how to overcome hate at the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

Debby Irving grew up in a very privileged, suburban, white community and basically never was aware of any of her privilege.

The book chronicles her discovery of her role in racism and her awakening to a calling in social justice.

In other words, it’s not an individual thing; it’s a global thing.

There are things I tried to sprinkle through "Things like, if I’m white, I can easily buy posters and greeting cards that feature people of my race.

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