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Is your camp part of the solution to the limitations posed by sexist stereotypes faced by both boys and girls?

While most — if not all — camp staff would easily agree that camps exist to promote positive youth development, some camps are blind to policies and practices that thwart their good intentions.

"You are hoping beyond hoping that they are doing this because they love children."Unfortunately, that isn't always the case.

NBC Charlotte did some digging and found camp counselors behaving badly across the country.

Well, I was thinking it would be OK to play sports here at this camp.

I don’t play sports at home because people make fun of me there.

Although we have made great strides over the last decade to eradicate overtly sexist behaviors (like sexual harassment), remnants of the beliefs that resulted in these past behaviors still emerge in various camps and camp practices. You work so hard to provide an inclusive environment and to promote positive youth development for your campers.

Does your camp help expand kids’ beliefs about their opportunities and responsibilities?Too bad.” Staff members at this camp held rigid beliefs that girls wanted to get makeovers and make crafts, while boys wanted to get dirty and play sports.So, they scheduled activities for boys and girls cabins based on those assumptions and a strong loyalty to “tradition.” As a result, some campers were prevented from engaging in certain activities based solely on their gender.For example, boys who clean up their cabins learn that cleaning is not someone else’s job.Girls who get to be in charge of the “camper council” learn how to lead and contribute to the camp.

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