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She was entrapped, and her emotions kept her tightly coiled.

How could she touch the blue empyrean when she couldn't even stand?

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The last thing the CEO expects when she arrives there is to work with a bunch of vigilante misfits... But when their economy is doing so bad Santana is willing to do anything to provide for them, even if it means joining the US Army. Amid increasing hostilities, Supergirl does what she always does: saves the day. Her body slack, lifeless, she plummets to the ground. Because she's dating Kara Danvers, and she's only just realized what that really entails. Ten years after the battle of Hogwarts the top half of a dead body appears in the office of the British Prime Minister's fireplace, with the bottom half appearing in the office of the French Minister for Magic. (Better synopsis inside)Harry Potter World one-shots. Random things Fleur and Hermione get up to in their normal everyday lives. *It's a slow burn, I wrote this to realistically figure out how these women began a relationship.*Bella loves to swim, and finding places to do so only gets harder when she moves to Forks.

Naruto doesn't quite know what he's doing anymore, but he won't let anyone destroy the peace he's tried so hard to create - even if he has to set aside some morals in order to do so. Blossoming off of my oneshot, high school reunion, i swindled Writing Sux in working with me again.

[On permanent hiatus]The war wrote Team 7 into legend, but some stories were never told.

Like how Sakura learned to cook, or how Naruto became a best-selling author.

Follows the adventures of Super Corp as they find the perfect little girl and go through the process of expanding their little family. Cameos by all of your favorite super friends as well as Daisy and Mac - the Luthor-Danvers doggos! Growing up in their culture and lifestyle is challenging for one such as her, but she is Hermione Granger; a smart head-strong young girl. Rating/genre change later on Winn is having difficulty accepting Kara and Lena could be more than friends but when Supergirl travels to another country in search of the reclusive Luthor, everyone quickly realizes the obvious. Rating will definitely change.'Alex uncapped her medical marker and carefully placed a dot on each earlobe. " Kara squeaked, her hands flying up to cover the lobes.' Short one-shot of Alex piercing Kara's ears, fluffy cute and short White Roses were the purest of them all. Yet Bella just didn't understand how this white Rose had been tainted black. Kara and Lena meet and fall in love before Lena's takeover of her family's company.

They have an old beat up Thunderbird convertible, twelve thousand dollars between them, and no destination in mind. story about what happens when Spencer Hastings falls for Emily Fields, the sexy young architect who is hired to work on a project for the Hastings' family. This is her story of Living the French Life..perhaps a certain someone can make it easier... She stepped back so the others could inspect her work. " "Yeah." Lena nodded "Why is the left one so much higher than the right? In an effort to protect her, Kara distances herself from Lena until an article for Cat Co brings them back together.

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