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Only those who were considered “high priests” could enter the “Holy of Holies” on the Day of Atonement.These high priests went through a rigorous purification process before they entered, continuously sacrificing animals for their sin and being sure to obey the Torah (Old Testament Law) to the letter.We can enter God’s presence boldly, with all of our dirty sin, and the grace of Jesus Christ will cover us and show us mercy.We need no “spiritual covering” to enter God’s presence, to teach the Bible, to minister to others, or to make life decisions.“Spiritual authority” comes from the Holy Spirit who lives within every Christian (1 Corinthians ).

So, it is obvious that no human ripped the curtain in half.

God ripped the curtain in half, and exposed the “Holy of Holies.” We no longer need a “high priest” to enter God’s presence for us.

The author of Hebrews says, We don’t have to be afraid any more.

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Domestic violence and emotional abuse are behaviors used by one person in a relationship to control the other.

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